"Kenneth Anger has explained that the zodiac sign of the Scorpio rules sex organs and machinery, so the title of the film, and its sexual and mechanical content, is fitting and significant. According to astrological interpretation, Scorpio ascendant individuals also demand attention. They are intimidating, with a determined, naturally powerful presence that provokes respect and fear." (Jeremy Carr)

Dear Friends, Scorpios, Anger fans and fearless!
The month of the Scorpio has just begun and we want to celebrate our birthdays with a(nother) 16mm film program, music, drinks and food, guests and guest contributions. Those who don't fear (other) Scorpios, projections, bikers and the unforeseen, please come and join us at Uferstraße 7, Berlin, on november 3rd, 8pm.

host: Scorpio Scorpio Dirk Bell
2nd host: Scorpio Capricorn Nora Molitor
guest and 16mm projection: Scorpio Scorpio Bertrand Grimault
music: Scorpio Sagittarius Mathieu Brohan
Scorpio honoris causa: Regina Kräh
2nd Scorpio honoris causa & chills: Max Grau

... swinging 60s and 70s & the best hits of today
... some 'Belle de jour' might appear at night

your contribution: 5€ (first drink included)